Turn your emails to an App

This is an app uses the SMTP capability that comes with most modern and enables it to be used by other apps.

The interface is via a simple payload on a POST Request.

You can have as many configurations stored in the app and each is loaded depending on the path of the url. In addition, it allows for different templates to be used, if so required.

The user interface is kept simple. It allows you to see all your SMTP configurations, create new configuration and update existing ones.

Documentation on this app is available at milynnus Blog-Doc under the tag mySMTP

Developer's Notes:

  • this is a beta release
  • you can expect some enhancements

Install the app


The app is available on Deta Space Discovery.

Configure the app

There is no configuration on Deta Space App Settings at this moment but you can create and update SMTP configurations from the app.

The configurations are kept in a Deta Base smtp_config. You use the View Data on your app to see the raw data.

Use the Create SMTP button as shown able to create a new SMTP for your email. App UI and Buttons

Create SMTP

Use the Update SMTP button as shown able to create a new SMTP for your email.

  • Step 1 : you will be required to pick from an existing prefix
    • this button will appear for you to load the configuration

    • Make the necessary changes and click on Submit

App Button 2

  • Step 2: once this button appears, click on it to open a panel containing the configuration details
    • Make the necessary changes and click on Submit

Update SMTP

By checking the Delete? the configuration will be deleted when the form is submitted.

Here's a brief explanation on each of the requested data :

  • mail_from : your full email address
  • mail_password your email password
  • mail_port see below
  • mail_server your Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
  • mail_username typically it is also your email address
  • prefix : this prefix when used as part of the SMTP url will be used to retrieve the configuration to set up the SMTP services for your email allowing it to send your email

More details on the smtp server configuration :

Due to change in the Fastapi-Mail library, two parameters namely the mail_starttls and mail_ssl_tls will be based on the mail_port and two other previously used mail_ssl and mail_tls have been removed.

Requires SSL: Yes

Requires TLS: Yes (if available)

Requires Authentication: Yes

Port for SSL: 465

Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587


The integration is via POST request to : <instance url>/{prefix}/smtp/{template}

The following templates are now available :

  • general : a 4-container body comprising

    • first_name
    • open
    • main
    • close
  • simple : 3-container body which is the same as the general template minus the first_name

    • this allows the user to define the contains of the body without any other requirements.

When using any of the templates the resulting url will end with a backslash followed by the name of the template e.g. /general or /simple.

with a payload (using the general template):

    "email": [
        "", ""
    "subject": <text>,
    "body": {
        "first_name": <text>,
        "open": <text>,
        "main": <text>,
        "close" : <text>,

the supplied and include HTML tags ...etc.

Email Example

This is an email from Auto Reply app sent using mySMTP

Email Example